Royal Darjeeling Rajah Deluxe Leaf

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Sun, air, water, soil
Grown in harmony with nature
The classic taste of Darjeeling

Mystical, magical Makaibari

Founded in 1859, the Makaibari Tea Estate was the world`s first tea factory and the only Darjeeling tea estate never to have fallen under the control of the British. This historic tea estate is situated in a large area taking in four mountains and seven villages, yet only a third of the land is devoted to tea cultivation, with the remainder left blanketed in virgin forest. In the 1970s, the 4th owner of Makaibari, S.K. Banerjee, nicknamed “Rajah”, took over the estate and introduced sustainable biodynamic farming practices which are still in use today. The Makaibari approach means paying careful attention to each aspect of tea cultivation, including the gradient and soil of the tea planation, the amount of sunlight each leaf receives, and the quality of the tea plants, as well as adapting to yearly variations in climate. To preserve their quality, these precious leaves are shipped from Darjeeling to Japan by air.

  • Type: JAS-certified organic black tea/FTGFOP (fine tippy golden flowery orange pekoe)
  • Tea leaf origin: Makaibari Tea Estate (India, West Bengal, Darjeeling)
  • Cultivation method: Biodynamic farming
  • Harvesting method: Hand-picked
  • Tea leaf producer: Makaibari Tea Estate
  • 1 pack/5 grams (one serving)
  • Storage:
    Avoid high temperatures and humidity. 
    Avoid any transfer of aroma to the tea leaves.

  1. Boil some fresh water (or filtered water in some regions).
  2. Use some of the boiled water to warm the teapot and cups.
  3. Put 5g of leaves (enough for 2 cups) in the teapot, then add about 400cc of boiled water at a temperature of 90C°.
  4. Cover the tea pot with a tea cozy and let the tea steep for 3.5 minutes.
  5. Pour the tea into the cups. When pouring for more than 1 person, pour a small amount into each cup alternately to get a consistent colour and taste. Continue pouring until the last drop.
  6. After pouring the tea, leave it to cool for about 2 minutes before drinking. This way, you will be able to fully enjoy the delicious taste and aroma of Makaibari tea.