Queen of Blue Deluxe

Queen of Blue Deluxe

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Royal Blue Tea's flagship product
Deep, elegant, invigorating  
An instant classic

Crafted with nature's blessing

Royal Blue Tea is proud to present out flagship product, Queen of Blue. The leaves are Oriental Beauty, a much-loved luxury Taiwanese tea said to have been named by Queen Victoria in the age of The British Empire. The distinctive sweet taste and fruity fragrance of this popular tea is thanks to a little green insect called a planthopper. When the planthopper bites the young tea leaves, it starts a chemical process which gives this tea its distinctive gentle, sweet aroma. Once a year, in the summer months, the fresh insect-bitten leaves are carefully plucked by hand and processed to produce this precious tea.

Queen of Blue is available in four grades: deluxe, grand, imperial, and premium. The deluxe grade is served in the first-class cabin of all Japan Airlines (JAL) international flights and has won the Gold Quality Award at the Belgian Monde Selection for three consecutive years.

A deep, elegant taste and honey-like aroma 

Queen of Blue has a sweet aroma reminiscent of fruit or honey and a gentle, refreshing taste, combined with a robust body similar to that of black tea, but without any bitterness or astringency. This well-balanced flavour makes Queen of Blue an ideal pairing for any meal.

※Glass not included

Infusion Time: 7 days

  • Type: Blue tea (semi-fermented tea = semi-oxidized tea; heavy oxidation)
  • Tea leaves: Oriental Beauty (Dōngfāng Měirén) 東方美人
  • Tea leaf origin: Taiwan
  • Harvesting method: Hand-picked
  • 1 bottle/750ml, tea beverage, store upright, keep refrigerated
  • Best before date: 4~6 months from date of dispatch