About Royal Blue Tea

Our Brand Story

If this is tea, what was I drinking before?
The finest, hand-picked, naturally grown tea leaves
To be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, by anybody
On a par with the best of wine and champagne
The dream of the perfect tea come true

Our Philosophy

Towards a new tea culture

Royal Blue Tea's mission is to spread a new form of tea culture throughout the world. From the teetotaler at a Michelin-starred restaurant to the busy executive onboard an international flight, until now there has never been a non-alcoholic drink of truly premium quality, appropriate to a luxury setting, that caters to those who do not wish to drink alcohol. We intend to change that.

Royal Blue Tea has broadened the definition of what makes truly great tea. Our philosophy of tea extends to tea production and the tea industry. To protect the producers of top quality tea, preserve the rich culture of tea appreciation, and to pass these traditions on to the next generation, we aim to take the potential of tea to the next level.

Our Policy

The finest high-quality tea leaves

What kind of tea leaves does Royal Blue Tea use? We use only the finest hand-picked tea leaves, produced by master craftspeople using traditional cultivation and processing techniques. When selecting our leaves, we look at the leaf`s flavour, its scent, and even its character, to determine those of truly exceptional quality. In tea plantations across Japan and throughout the world, our search for the best continues.

A revolutionary production method

Our teas are produced without the use of any artificial additives or preservatives by infusing the leaves in cold water for three to seven days, then filtering the tea using an unheated filtered sterilization process. These manufacturing processes are carried out entirely by hand. Our groundbreaking approach has amazed the tea world, yet it is the only way to fully enjoy the colour, scent, and taste of truly high-quality tea. This production method is the essence of Royal Blue Tea.

World-class quality control: SGS-HACCP international certification

Royal Blue Tea marks the beginning of a new chapter in the story of tea. Our mission is to create the finest teas in the world, to be enjoyed conveniently at any time, anywhere, by anybody. To spread this new form of tea culture from Japan to the world, we adhere strictly to international quality control protocols. Our production methods are in compliance with the exacting standards of SGS-HACCP. We have been SGS-HACCP certified since 2007.

Our Unique Method: Mizudashi

1. What is Mizudashi?

Royal Blue Tea's SGS-HACCP Certified Mizudashi Process

  1. High-grade manufacturing processes and quality control
    • A revolutionary production method: Royal Blue Tea has been granted special permission for its unique production method from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. We do not use any heated sterilization, chemical sterilization, or artificial additives. Our teas are bottled using an unheated filtered sterilization process in a class 100,000 clean room. Our factory is not automated and all of our manufacturing is carried out manually.
    • Internationally certified safety and hygiene standards: Royal Blue Tea is produced in an SGS-HAACP certified factory in compliance with HAACP standards*
      *HAACP is an internationally recognized system of food safety and hygiene management.
  2. Royal Blue Tea's Mizudashi extraction process
    1. First, the tea leaves are submerged in specially treated water in a dedicated container. The water is unheated and has a high oxygen content.
    2. The tea is left to extract within a defined temperature range in a specialized storage room.
    3. The extraction time is three days for green tea, black tea, and jasmine tea, and seven days for blue tea (semi-oxidised tea)
    4. The tea is strained using a specialized filtration system.
    5. The extracted tea undergoes filtered sterilization (micro filtration), before being bottled and stoppered.
    6. The process is not automated. Each bottle is produced by hand.
  3. Storage

    Because Royal Blue Tea does not contain any preservatives, the bottles must be stored upright in a refrigerator.

2. What are the differences between the grades (deluxe, grand, imperial, premium, super premium)?

This is the order of the grades from lowest to highest: deluxe→grand→imperial→premium→super premium.

The difference between the grades is the quality of the tea leaves.