King of Green MASA Premium

King of Green MASA Premium

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A craftsman's search for perfection
For over half a century
Leads to the pure taste of sencha

One of Japan's top tea producers

Japanese Tenryucha, also known as Enshu Mountain Tea, is grown on the upper reaches of Tenryu River, which winds its way through the misty mountains of Shizuoka. Using grass mulch and self-made fertilizer, Mr. Masataka Ota, who runs the Ota tea estate together with his son, has tended the soil of his natural tea garden for over half a century. Once a year, about a hundred of the local townspeople gather to carefully pick the leaves by hand. Mr. Ota, a true veteran, has been growing tea since the age of fifteen. Amassing a slew of awards over the years, he has single-handedly turned Tenryucha into a well-known brand.

A flavour born from the mountain's blessing

The alpine climate of the Ota tea estate, with its misty mornings, warm days, and cold nights, results in a distinctively aromatic and richly flavoured tea. Combine this with its refreshing character and elegant colour, and Tenryucha can truly be said to be one of the pinnacles of Japanese tea.

※Glass not included

Infusion Time: 3 days

  • Type: Japanese green tea (sencha/Tenryucha)
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Tea leaf origin: Masataka Ota Tea Estate (Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Tenryu)
  • Cultivation method: Natural cultivation
  • Harvesting method: Hand-picked
  • Tea leaf processing: Masataka Ota & Katsunori Ota
  • 750mL per bottle/tea beverage/store upright, keep refrigerated
  • Infusion time: 3 days
  • Best before date: 1~2 months from date of dispatch