King of Green HIRO Premium Susuri-Cha

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The work of an artisan
A transcendent experience 
Okuyame Heritage Gyokuro 

The skill of a tenth-level tea master

Hoshinomura, situated near the Yame River in Fukuoka, is blessed with ideal conditions for tea cultivation – morning mists, rich soil, plentiful rainfall, and large variations in temperature. The area is especially famous for its gyokuro, which has been consistently voted the best in all of Japan by the National Tea Appraisal Committee. The highest grade of gyokuro grown in Yame is known as Heritage Gyokuro. This exquisite green tea is produced by shading the tea leaves with natural materials such as straw for at least sixteen days before harvesting, which is carried out just once a year by hand. The production of these tea leaves is overseen by a tenth-level tea master, Mr. Shinya Yamaguchi, and it is through his expertise that this tea is able to reach its full potential.

A delicately refreshing scent with deep umami flavour

To fully experience all that this tea has to offer, please take a moment to savour the aroma before enjoying its rich umami taste.

  • Type: Japanese Green Tea (Heritage Gyokuro)
  • Cultivar: Saemidori
  • Tea Leaf Origin: Mr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi Tea Estate (Hoshino, Yame, Fukuoka)
  • Cultivation Method: Natural Cultivation, Hand-Picked
  • Tea Leaf Producer: Ten-Level Tea Master, Shinya Yamaguchi, 57th & 58th National Tea Appraisal Competition Winner
  • 1 Pack/3 Grams (One Serving)×5p
    Paulownia box 10.2cm×13.8 cm×2.7 cm
  • Storage:
    Avoid high temperatures and humidity.
    Avoid any transfer of aroma to the tea leaves.

How to Enjoy Susuri-Cha

Handling instructions

To enjoy these tea leaves at their best, please follow these instructions.

  • Best before date 
    These tea leaves are perishable goods. Please consume them on the same day as opening the package.
  • Container and water 
    If using a glass container, please use water at a temperature of under 50C° to ensure the container does not break.

The best way to enjoy susuri-cha

  1. First, place the tea leaves into a teacup, then pour in boiled water which has cooled to a temperature of around 40C° until the water covers the leaves. Wait for around 2-4 minutes, then enjoy the tea.
  2. After enjoying the first infusion, the second infusion should be made using water at a temperature of around 50C°, infused for about 1 minute. For the third infusion, please use water at a temperature of around 70~80 C°, infused for as long as you wish. With this method you can enjoy multiple cups of delicious susuri-cha.
  3. After drinking the tea you can eat the leaves. We recommend adding ponzu to enhance the flavour.