Fall in Love Grand

Fall in Love Grand

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A refreshing bouquet
Sweet, gentle, and serene 
Reminiscent of a fruity white wine

An inspiring world of aroma

Fall in Love is a Taiwanese high mountain tea, a form of semi-oxidized tea or “blue tea”. While high mountain teas tend to be lightly oxidized, oxidation levels vary depending on the variety, which means that these popular teas possess a wide variety of aromas, ranging from floral to frankincense.

Fall in Love is available in three grades: deluxegrand, and imperial.

Milky and sweet, with hints of astringency

Fall in Love Grand is an Ali Shan Jin Xuan Tea, grown at an altitude of 1500m. This type of high mountain tea is one of the most popular in all of Taiwan and is known for its delightful floral scent, said to be reminiscent of fresh milk. While the taste is close to that of a Japanese green tea, the firing process gives Fall in Love Grand an alluring golden colour similar to that of a young white wine. This tea's balance of delicate sweetness and slight hints of astringency makes it a fine companion for a fish dish.

※Glass not included

Infusion Time: 7 days

  • Type: Blue Tea (Semi-Fermented Tea = Semi-Oxidized Tea ; Light Oxidation)
  • Tea Leaves: High Mountain Tea / Ali Shan Jin Xuan Oolong 阿里山金宣
  • Tea Leaf Origin: Taiwan
  • Harvesting Method: Hand-Picked
  • 1 Bottle/750ml, Tea Beverage, Store Upright, Keep Refrigerated
  • Best Before Date: 4~6 Months From Date of Dispatch