Fall in Love Imperial

Fall in Love Imperial

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A refreshing bouquet
Sweet, gentle, and serene 
Reminiscent of a fruity white wine

An inspiring world of aroma

Fall in Love is a Taiwanese high mountain tea, a form of semi-oxidized tea or “blue tea”. While high mountain teas tend to be lightly oxidized, oxidation levels vary depending on the variety, which means that these popular teas possess a wide variety of aromas, ranging from floral to frankincense.

Fall in Love is available in three grades: deluxegrand, and imperial.

An elegant aroma, reminiscent of a fine white wine

Fall in Love Imperial is a delightful blend of sweetness and alpine floral scent, with just the slightest hint of astringency. The roasting process gives this tea a beautiful golden, rice-like colour, like that of a young white wine.

※Glass not included

Infusion Time: 7 days

  • Type: Blue Tea (Semi-Fermented Tea = Semi-Oxidized Tea ; Light Oxidation)
  • Tea Leaves: High Mountain Tea / Li Shan 梨山
  • Tea Leaf Origin: Taiwan
  • Harvesting Method: Hand-Picked
  • 1 Bottle/750ml, Tea Beverage, Store Upright, Keep Refrigerated
  • Best Before Date: 4~6 Months From Date of Dispatch