Royal Darjeeling Rajah Grand

Royal Darjeeling Rajah Grand

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The delicate scent of rose
A sweet harmony of flavour
The essence of Darjeeling

Fresh, young leaves grown on a special plantation

Grown on a special plantation on the venerable Makaibari Tea Estate, Silver Tips, named for their delicate silver hairs, are some of the most prized leaves in all of Darjeeling. These young leaves, delicately rolled by hand, are not generally available on the marketplace and can usually only be purchased by special order.

A sweet and floral flavour

Royal Blue Tea's revolutionary mizudashi cold-brewing technique draws out the taste, colour, and aroma of these precious leaves, resulting in a unique and delicate flavour – the perfect welcome for any guest.

※Glass not included

Infusion Time: 3 days

  • Type: Silver Tips, JAS-certified organic black tea/FTGFOP-1S (fine tippy golden flowery orange pekoe - no.1 special)
  • Tea leaf origin: Makaibari Tea Estate (India, West Bengal, Darjeeling)
  • Cultivation method: Biodynamic farming
  • Harvesting method: Hand-picked
  • Tea leaf producer: Makaibari Tea Estate
  • 1 bottle/750mL, tea beverage, store upright, keep refrigerated
  • Best before date: 2~4 months from date of dispatch